ceci n’est pas la reproduction interdite

La réproduction interdite - Magritte, René

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My name is Juliano Mazzuchini, I am Brazilian and I live in Buenos Aires – Argentina, and I’m an actor, visual artist, and researcher.
The title of this work, “ceci n’est pas la réproduction interdite”, (this is not the prohibited reproduction) is a word play that are part of the universe of works by René Magritte, being “ceci n’est pas une pipe” from the artwork “La Trahison des images” of 1928–1929 and “La réproduction interdite” of 1937.
The relation proposal with this work is to do something quite common when visiting an exhibition, taking a selfie with that work you liked. Thinking about this gesture, I was inspired by the work of “La réproduction interdite” of 1937, René Magritte (image above), and produced this painting that is in front of you. The figure in this painting is me, the artist.


The title indicates that reproduction it’s allowed and the work is completed with the relationship of the one that puts itself on stage and registers its presence in front of the painting.
Taking Magrittes’s work as inspiration, I propose the spectator stand in front in front of the painting and take a selfie with it, establishing a relationship between you and me, completing the work. The photo could be you, another person, or other people, and it can be from the back, from the front…etc.
Below is a form where you can send me this photo and if you post it on Instagram, I would like you to use the hashtag #mazzuchinidwrtm – dwrite (right) tme – and tag my profile @mazzuchini.